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Leoni Adascar® Multi-core automotive cables


Multi-core automotive cables with ADR certificate for commercial vehicles.

■ with ADR/GGVS certificates
■ with integrated data pair
■ reversible designs
■ with double jacket

■ Connecting line between towing vehicle
and trailers or semi-trailers
■ Wiring of the electrical installation
■ Front, rear or side lights
and cabling systems

The LEONI Adascar® Truck cables have to fullfill
high mechanical, chemical and also
electrical requirements in the commercial vehicle industry. These PVC pipes
are oil-, weather-, chemical- and UV-resistant as well as cold-resistant. The remarks
with PU coating also have an increased
Wear and abrasion resistance as well as excellent resistance to microbes and hydrolysis

According to ISO 6722, LV 112, ISO 14572, LV 212, ISO 4141
and customer specifications.


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Additional information

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