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LEONI Dacar® data/coaxial line

Coaxial lines for antennas
of all special and standard applications.


LEONI Dacar® data/coaxial line

Lines for fast information and communication
LEONI Dacar form both symmetrical and asymmetrical lines. Balanced cables include multi-core, shielded and unshielded cables for data transmission within the vehicle. For antenna applications we offer unbalanced coaxial cables with foamed or solid dielectric.


GSM, GPS/Galileo, DVB, Radio, WCDMA, HSPDA,
WLAN, WUSB, WiMAX, Mobile Broadcast, Car to Car


  • suitable for all standard components
  • excellent processing properties
  • Approvals for all significant OEMs
  • best coupling resistance and
    Shielding properties
  • stable impedance curve
  • low signal attenuation
  • best environmental properties/recyclability
  • solid / foamed dielectrics
  • Default temperature range
    -40 to +85 °C / -65 to +205 °C
  • Default diameter range
    from 1.6 to 6.7 mm

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Additional information

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