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Automotive high-voltage cable


Automotive high-voltage cable

High-voltage cables for use in high-voltage automotive electrical systems
Our high-voltage cables ensure reliable power supply in the vehicle. The cables are available for shielded and unshielded versions in all application-relevant temperature ranges. The materials of the wire and sheath insulation depend on the required temperature resistance. The materials used meet the high demands placed on vehicles with alternative drives in terms of electrical, chemical, mechanical and thermal properties.


  • specially selected materials for high-voltage applications
  • very good thermal properties up to a continuous service temperature of 200 °C
  • very good mechanical properties
  • high flexibility
  • extensive product portfolio for all relevant temperature classes
  • Version with and without special EMC shielding
  • copper or aluminum conductors
  • Voltage classes 600 VAC and 1000 VDC


  • HV battery connection
  • Connection line between inverter and electric motor
  • Power supply for additional HV components, e.g. air conditioning compressors, electric heating
  • Internal wiring of HV components, such as e.g. battery
  • Charging line to the HV battery

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